The deep web

“The deep web contains multiple sites that contain different levels of seriousness. More illegal activity is found in the deep web and is used by government officials to spread information about super private information. The results in the deep we are not found in a regular search and is accessed through a way that potentially leads your computer at risk for malware and even identity theft. There is a system by the name of Tor that allows users to be able to browse the internet with no threat, allowing them to access the deep web. The IP address is essentially untraceable and allows privacy to the users without them worrying about being traced (“The Good and the Bad”) Tor is another name used to refer to the web browser you are able to download called The Onion Browser. In order to make deals online on the deep web (that is accessed through The Onion Browser) you do not use money, but the usage if bitcoin. The deep web allows the journalists that are in strict places to share information of what is going on (Koh). Bitcoin is not exactly run by anyone nor is it legal to use in some countries, but it is the way to pay around the deep web. That money is used for illegal and legal activity and is one of the safest ways to handle money and making sure that every penny is spent by the owner. There are some rules to the bitcoin that may make users not to keen on using them such as there being no refunds which could potentially be the deal breaker for the system if people are not happy with what they purchased. In order to receive the bitcoins, mining, a process that allows the networks to provide a compensation of one’s services, creates the bitcoin currency. (“Frequently Asked Questions”). The deep web is a huge compared to the surface web where everything is found in one click of a button. With the deep web being sponsored by government programs that leads to the question of whether the government is to be trusted or not.”